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#NYCTW2019 Piper Louise Marshall played her heart out for Billy

Louise Marshall, official piper to the Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh and Hibernian Football Club paid a flying visit to the Big Apple for the Tartan Day Parade on Saturday.After...

Phil launches Pride of Scotland tartan in New York

Last night Scot Phil MacHugh helped launch the brand new LGBT tartan as it made its global runway debut on the New York catwalk.The new, officially registered 'Pride of LGBT' tartan was unveiled at...

#NYCTW They danced the night away with Whisky Kiss

The Pre-Parade Ceilidh with Whisky Kiss was held last night in the Altman Building in Soho, way down near the foot of Manhattan.It proved to be a great venue for the dancing which began...

#NYCTW 2018 Tartan Week 2018 – a good time was had by all

The good thing about Tartan Week is that there's lots to do. The bad thing about Tartan Week is that there's lots to do, meaning that somewhere along the line something has to give.We...

#NYCTW Councillor Milligan in the Big Apple

Plain Eric Milligan, as he will be known after 3 May, has been a mainstay at the City Chambers for 43 years.The long-time councillor has somehow managed to hang on to his palatial office (more living...

Tartan Week Parade 2017 – Elite Pro Dance

Elite Pro Dance are so good they look like Americans!They were a fabulous addition to the Tartan Week Parade last Saturday in downtown Manhattan. Only formed in 2014 they are a squad of about...

Tartan Week 2017 – Gordon J Millar of ScotStreetStyle

Gordon J Millar is the founder and director of Scot Street Style.  He toured Scotland with the Dalai Lama, took  the World Peace Tartan to New York where he had a chance encounter on 5th Avenue with...

#NYCTW Tartan Day on Ellis Island from 6 to 9 April 2017

Tartan Day on Ellis Island Returns this week from 6 - 9 April 2017 “Tartan Day on Ellis Island” – one of the nation’s largest Tartan Day celebrations – returns for its 16th annual observance...

Tartan Week 2017 – The Kilted Yogis

Tristan Cameron-Harper and Finlay Wilson have recently made themselves pretty famous by agreeing to be filmed for The BBC Social Channel.There they are in the middle of the Hermitage near Dunkeld  practising yoga, in...

New York Tartan Week 3rd to 10th April 2011

The National Tartan Day New York Committee invites all New Yorkers to join in celebrating the 13th Annual Tartan Week, from April 3nd to 10th 2011. There will no doubt be a number of Scots there too.There...


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