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Occupy Edinburgh marks anniversary

Occupy Edinburgh have advised us about their occupation of St Andrew Square yesterday to mark the one year anniversary of their protests started in October last year, and provided us with these photos. They say...

Latest news from Occupy Edinburgh

We received this update from J at Occupy Edinburgh who occupied St Andrew Square for three months from October to January, and set up camp at The Meadows for a short time."After over 100...

Occupy now resident in The Meadows

ANTI-capitalist protesters have moved their tents, placards and guitars in to one of Scotland’s most genteel open spaces.The Meadows is a 60-acre playground for Edinburgh’s middle classes, surrounded on all sides by homes worth...

Occupy Edinburgh no more?

It seems that the mood is one of resignation, but the Occupy Edinburgh camp also still had some defiance left this morning for what they might do in the future when we spoke to...

Occupy Edinburgh agree to move by 5 p.m. today

Occupy Edinburgh emerged from Edinburgh Sheriff Court shortly before 12 noon today claiming a victory, although they have agreed to move out of the camp they set up in the square in October 2011.Essential...

Leith Theatre Group – Not for Profit

In many ways 2011 has been the year of protest with people taking to the streets in countries as far flung as Greece, Tunisia, Egypt and the USA. Closer to home, we have observed Unison campaigning...

Occupy Edinburgh Protesters call for Robin Hood tax

Approximately 80 members of Occupy Edinburgh and their supporters marched through Edinburgh calling for the introduction of a 'Robin Hood ' tax.The protesters, many of who have been camping in St Andrew Square for...

Edinburgh still Occupied

One week on from last Saturday's day of protest  around 40 protesters are still camping in St Andrew Square.Organisers from Occupy Edinburgh say that the protest has been peaceful, and that good relations have...

Protesters set up camp in Edinburgh

Around 30 anti-greed protesters camped out overnight in Edinburgh's St Andrew Square.Saturday had seen approximately 200 people gather in the square to support  the Occupy Edinburgh campaign. The group intends to maintain a permanent presence there, and...


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