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Beware high tides at Cramond Island this weekend

Anyone thinking of walking to Cramond Island is warned to be extra careful this weekendThe RNLI have advised that you should be aware of the high spring tides which may cut off your path...

Cramond, relaxing environment but chilling past

Taking a stroll at Cramond, one of the most popular places to relax only minutes from the centre of Edinburgh's usually bustling Capital city, on a crisp but clear winter day is an ideal...

Beach cricket will return next summer

At Boardwalk Beach Club in the dying days of summer 2018 they held a beach cricket match...yes you guessed it on the beach! And it may now become a regular sporting fixture.The match was...

New RNLI information service on safe crossing times to Cramond Island

Members of the public can now text the word CRAMOND to 81400 and the RNLI will reply with safe crossing times for the tidal causeway which leads to the popular tourist attraction.This new initiative...

Queensferry Lifeboat called out today

At 1:00pm today the RNLI Queensferry Lifeboat was called out to assist people in the water struggling to get ashore from Cramond Island. On reaching the scene they found six people up to their chests...

Lifeboat called out this afternoon

At 2.35pm today the RNLI Queensferry Lifeboat was called out to a report from the Coastguard that three people were trapped on Cramond Island by the fast incoming tide. The 60year old lady, her daughter...

Queensferry Lifeboat – Third call out in three days

The RNLI Lifeboat crew were called out for the third day running to go to the aid of a motor boat which had suffered engine failure.At 3.15pm today a Shetland motor boat with two...

South Queensferry lifeboat news

It's been a busy start to the year for RNLI Queensferry Lifeboat, the busiest in Scotland over the summer months, as the crew were called out twice in 24 hours this weekend.They first of...


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