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Which are the top five business schools in Edinburgh?

Looking into Old College Quad
by James CollinsScotland has been a centre of trade and manufacturing over the centuries. Edinburgh has contributed to the UK economy with several megafactories, but is best known for financial and other service industries. The small business sector is thriving too. With over...

The best chefs in Edinburgh to try this autumn

As restrictions begin to ease around the country, the best restaurants in town are opening their doors once again.Some might have moved premises, others might have changed their layout to accommodate social distancing, but thanks to Rishi Sunak, eating out is back on the...

Places to think about going to eat out in Edinburgh

We’ve all been missing getting out and about, having a drink or two, and eating some restaurant-style meals haven't we?Especially here in Edinburgh, there’s an abundance of excellent food and drink on offer in the city. Cravings for restaurant fare have probably set in for...

Fintech apps can help with money management

Personal finance in the palm of your hand.There is a growing number of smartphone and mobile apps released these days, with a range of new apps coming out in 2020.Fintech seems to be the focus, and a growing distrust between traditional banking institutions...

Looking at post Brexit educational economy

by James CollinsWhat is the possible influence of the Post-Brexit economy on education?Brexit has had countless direct and indirect effects on many economic activities, which have created a ripple effect on other normal daily activities. For example, in the educational sector, a part of the...

Online safety – why is a VPN important?

While we are all using our computers and digital devices more as we spend more time at home, it is essential to know how to keep your online activities safe.A virtual private network (VPN) can link tA virtual private network (VPN) can link...

How to play the EuroJackpot Lottery

If you’ve heard about EuroJackpot and want to learn how to play it yourself, this is just a guide for you. We've carefully laid out the steps on how you can play the EuroJackpot lottery online.Besides that, we've also taken the liberty...

What are Modular Homes and Why Should You Build One?

A modular house
Building a house, from the designing stage up until the construction phase, is not only time-consuming but complicated as well. If you plan to build a traditional home, you will need to look for architects, engineers, and construction workers. However, there are a few...

Keeping yourself entertained during lockdown

As Edinburgh remains under lockdown, it is perhaps only natural to develop a case of cabin fever as the quarantine period continues.Whilst other countries in Europe have already begun opening shops and other local businesses, Scotland and indeed the whole of the UK...

A few more ways to stay amused at home

Back in April, with most of the country sheltering at home, we put out some suggestions for home amusement. From the online Edinburgh Science Festival to various online tours of public venues, there were enough ideas to keep anyone who might be going a bit...

Why Sam Nicholson chose Bristol Rovers over Hearts homecoming

It was Thomas Wolfe who wrote that you can’t go home again, and perhaps Sam Nicholson took the words of the famous novelist to heart.Well, to be honest, it may have been those words that took the Edinburgh lad away from a second coming...

Where Is The Cryptocurrency Industry Heading In 2021?

The cryptocurrency field has been booming during several previous years. The new types of coins are shaking the market, as well as more investors focus on trading digital cash. How will the situation in the crypto area change in 2021? What are the trends...

Travel feature – planning and dreaming of Malawi

While lockdown continues we can only dream and plan of our next foreign trip. Here we think about somewhere we have not been, but which has many links to Scotland.Malawi’s Top Tourist AttractionsMalawi is a beautiful country full of incredible natural sights, friendly...

Is Scotland poised to phase out oil now?

The international race is on to see which countries will lead the transition into a new age of eco-friendly alternative energy sources.And while Scotland may not have as big a problem as some others when it comes to pollutants, the country could be...

Key differences between studying in the USA and the UK

Tower above Old College
The UK and the USA are among the top places in the world to study for a degree.There is little doubt that universities in both countries offer high quality education to students, but their education systems, particularly at higher education level, are significantly...

How The New Plastic composite Fence adds to property value

An image of a fence - Sponsored post
If your property is not fenced or your fence is in a dilapidated, worn-out or damaged condition, it will be of your best interest to upgrade or purchase a new fence.Fences are highly beneficial for your housing needs: they add to the aesthetic...

5 Hockey Movies Every Fan Should See At Least Once

Hockey is such a fantastic game that it sometimes feels like a real Hollywood blockbuster. It is filled with drama, but there are plenty of funny moments along the way. Of course, this sport is featured in many movies. So if you are looking...

Party All Night-Best Pub Crawl Cities

Although most people in the world are disrupted in terms of social life, where most bars and restaurants are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are hoping that the whole situation will be all over soon and that we can socialize more again....

It’s all online – for business development and personal learning

How to move your businesses online and unique online courses to take during lockdownYet another week of lockdown is over and we are running out of things to keep us entertained.There is only so much DIY we can do before our homes...

Betting apps – for and against

Betting and gambling have existed for hundreds of years, but only recently, with the advent of modern technology, have two new methods of betting arrived - online and mobile betting.As technology advances, so do various industries, so is a betting app the perfect...

Olymp Trade Custom Platform Overview

With more than 25,000 clients accessing the platform, Olymp Trade is one of the most popular online trading options in the industry. Since 2014, this broker has been offering secure trading options and is always making improvements to the platform to ensure users have...

Hundreds Protest Retirement Village Outside North Berwick

A picture of someone using a computer
More than 600 North Berwick residents have spent 2020 protesting against plans to put up a £49 million retirement village on the outskirts of the seaside town. The idea to build the multimillion-pound complex was proposed by Goldcrest Communities Limited and Richmond Care Villages...

Home Improvement Tips Your Home Needs Immediately

Home improvement is an important phenomenon that every homeowner should carry out at least once every few months. Redesigning and decorating your home every now and then can really help it sell well. Not only that, but it’s crucial to maintain your property and...

Five steps to writing strong research papers

 University students are usually ready to meet any challenges head on. Still, when it comes to writing research papers or essays, they often find themselves overwhelmed by anxiety and doubts.Though there are standard formats for virtually any academic paper, lecturers tend to...

Elevator shoes – give yourself that boost you need and deserve

Elevator shoes are a by-product of the fashion industry's elegant solution to the demand of men worldwide. This particular footwear has become increasingly popular since its introduction to the marketplace. But what are elevator shoes? And yet - what are the benefits of elevator...

Why Cyber-Attacks are the Biggest Threat to Online Businesses

It is very common for the owners of small online businesses to underestimate the dangers of a cyber-attack. Many online business owners believe that their organization is too small to be a target for cyber-attackers, but this view is highly detached from reality. Increasingly,...

New Technologies And Trends In Csgo Gambling

COVID forced people to spend their whole of 2020 indoors. How it has changed the gaming industry, you can read here. And what did they miss during this whole period? Of course the hustle-bustle of social gatherings. With everyone trapped indoors, the only solace...

How to choose an online casino in Britain?

Great Britain is considered one of the most gambling countries in Europe. Anyone can bet online, adhering to two main conditions: first, you must be at least 18 years old, and second, you can play on sites that have received a legal license from...

8 Key Lessons On Financial Freedom From Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book By Robert Kiyosaki

Self-help books can teach us many things about where we are in our lives and how we can move forward from places where we struggle. Rich dad, Poor dad was no different in passing on valuable lessons to eager money makers who were all...

Lottoland offers more choices

Lottoland competes against The National Lottery with Lotto x5There's a new way of playing the lottery with Lottoland as an alternative to The National Lottery. Lottoland's Lotto 5 is an exciting online betting game with top jackpots of $1 million.Betting is of...

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