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8 Key Lessons On Financial Freedom From Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book By Robert Kiyosaki

Self-help books can teach us many things about where we are in our lives and how we can move forward from places where we struggle. Rich dad, Poor dad was no different in passing on valuable lessons to eager money makers who were all...

The History of Baccarat Game

Baccarat is one of the famous games people enjoy at online casinos today. Although the game was only added to the casino games list, it has a rich history that dates to about 500 years ago. For many years, the ancient populace regarded the...

Which are the top five business schools in Edinburgh?

Looking into Old College Quad
by James CollinsScotland has been a centre of trade and manufacturing over the centuries. Edinburgh has contributed to the UK economy with several megafactories, but is best known for financial and other service industries. The small business sector is thriving too. With over...

What is COTPS.com? Is COTPS legit or is it a scam? COTPS 2022 Review

COTPS.com is a new Crypto OTC Trading Platform which has been functioning and running since October 2021. It is a a platform that promises high returns of 0.3% per trade and runs 24/7 using script and macro software to enjoy passive income. Traders are...

Online Gambling Trends – A Look into The Future

Photo by Adi Coco on Unsplash
The world of online gambling is getting bigger as more people join online casinos and betting sites. Of course, this growing supply and demand chain is driving innovation and development in this area. The latest software products have had a huge impact on the...

Which companies accept Bitcoin as payment?

A picture of someone using a computer
In 2020, since COVID-19, everything in the world got stuck. The pandemic has accelerated digitalization that started many years ago as retail companies and services needed to sustain their businesses not to lose everything. A plethora of companies has reorganized business management to save...

Andy Murray set to return to the courts

Andy Murray is set to make a return to action this summer in a charity driven event, being billed as the ‘Battle of the Brits’ tournament to raise money for NHS charities.Murray will take part in 'Schroders Battle of the Brits', which is scheduled...

Top 5 Fastest Bikes in the World

Photo by Simon Connellan on Unsplash
Do you have a need for speed? For those that prefer two wheels over four, owning a superbike that allows you to reach blistering speeds is a dream and there are some truly astonishing bikes available that can deliver jaw-dropping speeds. So, what are...

Evolution of the UK Online Gambling Industry: A Look at the Numbers

Today we will have to look at the history of gambling in the United Kingdom. It is truly an impressive and stunning part of online gambling that some gamblers know and others want to know. Today, this is one of the largest industries in...

Will solar panels damage my roof?

Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash
People often find it hard to make up their minds about solar panels. One of the first questions they will ask is whether the solar panels will damage their roof. The short answer is no. If your roof is in good condition and the...

Redroad V17: surging suction, stunning look & great value

Do you miss the good old days when shopping was fun? Now with excess choice at our fingertip, it has somehow become an arduous task. But if you are looking for a cordless stick vacuumcleaner, we happen to have some tips: choose the one...

Why spam emails might make a comeback in the UK

At some point during the time we’ve spent on the internet, all of us have been annoyed by spam emails.There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting on an important email coming through, receiving a notification, and finding out that it’s yet another unsolicited...

The best chefs in Edinburgh to try this autumn

As restrictions begin to ease around the country, the best restaurants in town are opening their doors once again.Some might have moved premises, others might have changed their layout to accommodate social distancing, but thanks to Rishi Sunak, eating out is back on the...

Key differences between studying in the USA and the UK

Tower above Old College
The UK and the USA are among the top places in the world to study for a degree.There is little doubt that universities in both countries offer high quality education to students, but their education systems, particularly at higher education level, are significantly...

What can Circular Saws be used for?

If you don’t know much about DIY, you’ll probably hear the word “saw” and think of a long object with blades to slice boards and metals. However, there are many different types of saw available.The circular saw is popular in the woodworking sector and...

Trading Strategies for Cryptocurrency Traders to Follow

Like trading in commodities and equities, crypto trading has its own pitfalls and risks. But earning long-term benefits is also possible. To earn long-term benefits from trading in digital currencies, market enthusiasts have to develop such strategies that make trading safe and fun at...

Timing Belt – an important part of your vehicle

A timing belt - Sponsored post
                                                        Why a timing Belt is important:A timing belt is a part of a vehicle’s engine that is necessary for its proper working. It is used to connect the crankshaft to the camshaft and control the opening and closing of the engines exhaust and intake...

How are crypto and blockchain changing the face of online gaming?

Photo by DEAR on Unsplash
Decentralised applications, dispersed ledgers, and blockchain-based systems are helping build the foundation of a lot of your life online. We are experiencing the emergence of a new and revolutionary digital fabric reshaping the internet beneath our feet, and you may not even be aware...

The Most Popular Betting Apps in Africa

Sport betting apps have their origin in online sports betting, which made its way into Africa in the past decade. Unlike some parts of the world where gaming houses and casinos were registered entities, sports betting in Africa were limited to wagers between individuals...

Olymp Trade Custom Platform Overview

With more than 25,000 clients accessing the platform, Olymp Trade is one of the most popular online trading options in the industry. Since 2014, this broker has been offering secure trading options and is always making improvements to the platform to ensure users have...

Can Video Games Help You to Make Friends?

Gaming was always considered an activity for nerds. This statement had heavy reasons. First of all, the old computers had more terminals than versatile machines. They were extremely expensive. By Moore’s law, the progress of the transistors and other electronic details was so grand....

How to play the EuroJackpot Lottery

If you’ve heard about EuroJackpot and want to learn how to play it yourself, this is just a guide for you. We've carefully laid out the steps on how you can play the EuroJackpot lottery online.Besides that, we've also taken the liberty...

What is The Difference Between NFT and Cryptocurrency?

OverviewWe can see that the world is shifting towards the digital financial market sector from the traditional one. Now people are investing more in cryptos than stocks, assets or other currencies that deal in the traditional market. And why won’t they? The traditional market...

Looking at post Brexit educational economy

by James CollinsWhat is the possible influence of the Post-Brexit economy on education?Brexit has had countless direct and indirect effects on many economic activities, which have created a ripple effect on other normal daily activities. For example, in the educational sector, a part of the...

Boxing: The Latest News Surrounding Logan Paul and Mike Tyson

Every year boxing fans across the world keep a lookout for bouts that are bound to be really interesting to watch and place bets on, and one fight that might or might not happen this year that certainly fits into the "worth a watch"...

Is Bingo Becoming Trendy Again?

The iGaming market in the UK is both large and diverse, with this the result of a liberal and progressive regulatory framework.While slots continue to account for more than two-thirds of the online gaming GGY and dominate the space, however, there’s also strong demand...

Online safety – why is a VPN important?

While we are all using our computers and digital devices more as we spend more time at home, it is essential to know how to keep your online activities safe.A virtual private network (VPN) can link tA virtual private network (VPN) can link...

Visiting the UK? Key Differences Between England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales

Do you know which countries are part of the United Kingdom? The exact answer is England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Besides having a bit different accents and dialects, these regions also have distinguishing culture, cuisine, geography, and trademarks (you will know a Scotsman when...

The Four Levels of DBS Checks Explained

A criminal record check (CRB) - now commonly known as a DBS Check - enables employers to check employees' criminal histories through the Disclosure and Barring Service. A background check, such as one carried out by a reputable company like uCheck, enables you to understand...

Seasoned, Unseasoned, or Kiln-Dried: Choosing the Greenest Type of Firewood

Photo by Paula from Pexels
Winter has finally arrived in Edinburgh. And while most people use gas or electric heat to warm their homes these days, there are still many who use firewood to warm their homes.There has been much talk about wood heat recently. Many believe it to...

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