Funstation is supporting Sunflower Scotland with a donation of £3,000 to cover the cost of sending a truck full of aid driven directly to Ukraine. 

Sunflower Scotland is a voluntary association that has sent over 100 tonnes of aid directly from Edinburgh to cities in Ukraine. It was organised by Scottish volunteers with families there. They are sons & daughters helping cousins, mothers, grandparents, nieces and nephews. Local communities across Scotland have responded to their call very generously. Many families donated food and essentials, and helped as volunteers to load lorries with aid. 

Sunflower sends lorries with aid to Lviv in Ukraine, rather than just to Poland. Roads further east are unsafe for lorries, and so the aid is reloaded to smaller vans and distributed to cities which need it most. Since Sunflower is a Volunteer Association, there are no administrative fees, and all donations are used either to fuel the lorries, or to buy food. 

Urgently needed – dry foods (pasta, flour, yeast), canned foods, sterile gloves, sterile bandages, baby formula and nappies of all sizes.

Funstation Managing Director James Miller said: “Funstation is proud to support the brave people of Ukraine and I would encourage everyone to donate whatever they can to support them through the great work of Sunflower Scotland.”