Seven of Midlothian’s councillors have chosen not to stand in next month’s election with all three of elected members in one ward stepping down.

Among those not standing for re-election are deputy council leader Jim Muirhead, former council leader Catherine Johstone and former provost Joe Wallace.

Midlothian Council is split into six wards represented by 18 elected councillors.

In  the Midlothian South ward, which includes Gorebridge and Newtongrange, all three of its members –  Councillors Johnstone and Muirhead, and Councillor Kieran Munro – have all stepped down.

The SNP group have put forward the most candidates for the election with 11 of the 39 standing for the party.

Scottish Labour have seven candidates with Labour councillor Russel Imrie standing for the Labour and Co-operative Party.

The Conservative group has fielded six candidates, the same number as the Scottish Green party and four candidates are standing for Alba.

There are three Scottish Liberal Democrats and a sole candidate for the Scottish Libertarian Party.

Voting in all 32 council areas takes place on Thursday, 5 May. In Midlothian the count will be held at the Lasswade Centre on Friday, May 6.

The full list of candidates are:


Helen Armstrong (Scottish Greens)

George Boyd (Alba)

Ken Brown (Lib-Dems)

Debbi McCall (SNP)

Willie McEwen (Labour)

Connor McManus (SNP)

Richard Thomson (Cons)


Dianne Alexander (SNP)

Daya Feldwick (Greens)

Derek Milligan (Labour)

David Virgo (Cons)


Marion Black (Greens)

Jamie Bryant (Alba)

Colin Cassidy (SNP)

Stephen Curran (Labour)

Karen Green (SNP)

Margot Russell (Labour)

Mark Wells (Cons)

Midlothian West

Richard Chandler, (Lib-Dems)

Andrew Coventry (Alba)

Russell Imrie (Labour and Co-op)

Pat Kenny (SNP)

Kelly Parry (SNP)

Jill Simon (Greens)

Pauline Winchester (Cons)

Midlothian East

Bill Kerr-Smith (Greens)

Jenny Marr (Lib-Dems)

Stuart McKenzie (SNP)

Ann Montague (SNP)

Bryan Pottinger (Labour)

Peter Smaill (Cons)

Midlothian South

Douglas Bowen (SNP)

Kelly Drummond (Labour)

Hazel Flanagan (Labour)

Daniel Fraser (Scottish Libertarian)

Christopher Hampton (Alba)

Ellen Scott (SNP) Malcolm Spaven (Greens)

by Marie Sharp Local Democracy Reporter

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