Children and park users in South Queensferry are furious after council workers wielding chainsaws attacked a cherished sanctuary and play park. 

Station Road park is a small recreation garden opposite Queensferry Primary School, with flowerbeds, trees and bushes, along with a large grass play area. But on Wednesday several vans drove into the pedestrianised area and workers began ripping out shrubs, flowers and trees. 

One childminder who brings her young charges to the park every day said: “It’s terrible. The children were devastated. There’s a lot of role play goes on in there and a lot of imagination used. It’s been great for the little ones learning to climb and balance. The nursery uses that space for outdoor activities.”
Some parents are now upset that the kids will have nothing to climb on, and a much-loved wooden “stick-man” display.

Claire, 49, brings her eight-year-old through the park every day:
She said: “My son was in tears when we saw that his favourite places to play had been destroyed. The park has been really important to him and his friends during the pandemic, and they enjoy building dens, climbing trees and collecting sticks. It’s horrible to see it stripped back, with all the magic destroyed. We have very few playparks in Queensferry and this area was an alternative, close to school, where lots of kids could run around safely and enjoy nature.”

A spokesman for the council, Locality Greenspace team leader Gary hook said: “Station Road Park has not had a good cut back in years so we need to open up all areas to allow light into dark areas to improve public safety. Stick Man was unfortunately taken away as it was considered dangerous, but Park Rangers are looking for a replacement.”
He added: “We don’t normally carry out consultation with everyone especially when performing winter maintenance works.”
Almond Ward councillors have been asked for comment.