Councillors will choose from three possible names shortlisted for the new primary school being built on Canaan Lane.

The three names were Canaan Lane Primary School, North Morningside Primary School and Saroj Lal Primary School.

A survey was carried out among parents of children entering P1 next year, parents of children at neighbouring primary schools, and those with children at feeder nursery schools, as well as residents living in the catchment area.

The preferred option was chosen by the 1,035 valid responses to the survey which ranked the three options – and one is now recommended for approval. Neither Morningside Community Council or Grange / Prestonfield Community Council offered any comment although they were asked. Full details of the way the survey was conducted are set out in the report.

The preferred name is Canaan Lane Primary School.

The school is non-denominational and will open in August 2022 for P1 and nursery pupils only. The school has capacity for 420 pupils along with early learning and childcare facilities. There will be what are described as “inspiring outdoor spaces”. P1 enrolment for next August is about to open which makes choosing the name for the school all the more important. A Head Teacher will be appointed in January 2022.

The first two options are descriptive of the location of the school, and the third name was shortlisted as Saroj Lal was a former teacher at South Morningside Primary School.