Edinburgh will benefit from an award of £7.69 million from the government’s Recycling Improvement Fund announced today. This will allow the council to upgrade and expand recycling collection for around 130,000 households.

Midlothian Council will receive £34,100 for in cab technology for their recycling fleet vehicles, and in West Lothian services will be expanded to provide twin stream recycling services. The £4.04 million funding will bring the area into line with the Scottish Household Recycling Charter’s Code of practice.

The Scottish Government is awarding a total of £13 million to nine local authorities to try and increase how much waste is recycled and how well it is done.

This announcement will bring the total investment to £20 million so far. There is £70 million available over five years intended to make a real change in the way Scotland deals with recycling. It will also assist local authorities in getting ready for future steps such as the Deposit Return Scheme.

The government says that the investment could equal taking 11,400 cars off the road.

Circular Economy Minister Lorna Slater said: “This is one of the biggest investments in recycling in Scotland in a generation.

“By providing the support that’s needed to modernise local recycling infrastructure, we can help local authorities significantly improve their recycling performance.

“That won’t just make it easier for households to recycle more – it will also make an important contribution to meeting Scotland’s ambitious climate targets.

“I look forward to seeing these projects deliver for local communities and the environment, and to further innovative ideas from local authorities on how they can utilise this fund to improve recycling in their area.

“We also want to see materials remain in use for as long as possible before they are recycled. To help make that happen, we will also be introducing an ambitious Circular Economy Bill during this parliament.”

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland said: “These awards represent a major new development in Scotland’s recycling story, with nine more impactful projects from across Scotland which make the most of our resources, boosting recycling and the circular economy. We’ve been impressed by the thinking from councils and look forward to even more transformational projects being brought forward next year.”

Councillor Steven Heddle, COSLA spokesperson for Environment and Economy said: “Local Government in Scotland is fully committed to combatting climate change and supporting the Just Transition to a net zero society.

“A circular economy is an important part of this. The Recycling Improvement Fund projects announced today demonstrate the range of work and level of innovation undertaken by Councils here. We are keen to see the full fund supporting a wide range of projects in the next few years that make it easier for our citizens to recycle and reduce waste.”