Ever wondered how to get people to like you? Wonder no more. Edinburgh author and business coach Derek Borthwick has just published a book telling you how to do just that.

This is Derek’s second book, “Body Language, How to Read Any Body”, based on scientific evidence on how the brain works to interpret non-verbal behaviour.

With more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and distribution, Derek also provided training programmes for companies, including Jupiter Asset Management and Maples Groupis. He is an NLP Practitioner, a clinical hypnotherapist and founder of the company, Power2Mind which trains people on business communications and selling. The business uses a unique method with four key principles which analyses the power of the mind. Derek also specialises in teaching powerful presenting techniques and effective management skills.

He has lectured at various universities talking about his training methods, including Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, Napier and Stirling.

Body Language, How to Read Any Body

The latest book is a brain book about body language and covers everything from presenting and public speaking to how to get people to like you and identifying different personalities.

The content will help transform everyone’s understanding of others in business through reading the unconscious patterns of non-verbal behaviour which leak from the limbic part of the brain. 

The book aims to help people in business to present and read customers better, close more deals, have more improved coaching skills, get more accurate information from interviews and have more productive meetings.

Derek said: “My first book which focussed on sales, using 30 years of experience in the field and working for some of the world’s largest companies, was an overwhelming success and led me to digging a bit deeper on how the brain works in relation to body language. 

“Most of us pay attention to our “lying” logical brain, but that is not where the real secrets lie. 

“When you really understand body language in business and all non-verbal communications it can really make a big difference when building relationships and closing a sale. 

“The feedback already has been really positive, and I’m looking forward to helping more people in business to really understand how the conscious and unconscious mind works when interpreting body language, and the secret to understanding all non-verbal communication which can help in business and also in our personal lives.”

Derek explained more about the “lying” logical brain. This is the part that most of us pay attention to – the part of the brain that “lies”. It does so often by putting context around things – sometimes to protect us. 
So if someone asks “Do you like my dress?” and the real answer is no, we may know that a truthful answer will lose us a friend so we lie “Yes it really suits you”.
But the limbic part of the brain will leak the real meaning – and that is where body language comes into play. 

The book follows on from the success of Derek’s first book, “Inside the Mind of Sales” launched in 2020, which sold over 2000 copies around the world within six months.

The book is available to buy on Amazon at £12.99.