Routine electrical maintenance is not only important for the safety of the individuals using the electrical equipment. Regular electrical maintenance can also help prevent serious accidents from occurring at the workplace. Businesses need to know what is OFGEM, and its role in ensuring they choose the right electrical provider. It is recommended to get regular professional electrical maintenance but in this article, we have listed four indications when it might be necessary to get professional electrical maintenance. 

  1. Your Office Is Located In An Older Building

Older buildings require electrical maintenance and repairs more frequently than newer buildings. Having an office located in an older building means that the wires and integrated circuits are much older. This also means that the insulation around the wires can get worn out due to age. These wires and circuits can pose multiple electrical risks for the people in the building. 

An office located in an older building needs to conduct regular electrical maintenance to prevent possible downtime. The impact on the business of the downtime is enough to justify the cost of the repairs to get electrical maintenance.

  1. Sparks From Sockets When Plugging/Unplugging Appliances

Sometimes you will notice sparks coming from the socket as you plug or unplug an appliance. This is nothing to worry about if this is a rare occurrence. You just might have unplugged the appliance extremely slowly from the wall socket which caused the electrical spark. You need to be worried only if this occurs every time you plug in or unplug an appliance from the wall socket. 

Regular sparks whenever an electrical plug comes into contact with the socket is an indication of an underlying problem with the wires. Sparks coming from the sockets means that the wires running through the walls are already hot. This is an indication that your office might be running heavy appliances which are causing the wires to get hot even on standby. You need a qualified electrician to fix the problem because not paying attention to sparking sockets can cause an electrical fire. 

  1. Flickering Office Lights

Flickering office lights is a problem some businesses do not want to give any importance to at all. It can become a pestering nuisance and a disturbance for employees that want to concentrate on their work. Employees can develop vision problems by leaving flickering lights on for prolonged periods. Flickering lights also means that you will be paying more for electricity each time the light switches on or off by itself. 

In most cases, a flickering light means there is a problem with the lightbulb or circuit. There might be a serious problem with your circuits if you have more than one flickering light in the same room. 

  1. Circuit Breaker Trips

A circuit breaker is designed to trip when there is an overloaded circuit or short circuit due to an earth connection. The circuit breaker trips to prevent damage to other appliances connected to the same circuit. You will need to reset your circuit breaker once it trips so that all of the appliances on the circuit can receive electricity. You need to have a licensed electrician visit your office if some circuit breakers trip regularly. 

Sometimes, a motor that contains winding could be the reason why the circuit breakers trip so often. The electrician will be able to identify which appliances are installed incorrectly or unable to receive the right amount of power.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash