Scottish Ensemble is excited to return to live performance at locations across Scotland for the first time since before the pandemic.’ Common Sound’ is a brand-new programme of live, in person events exploring the importance of live performance, which will take place at four locations across Scotland this autumn.

‘Common Sound’ is an hour-long event that asks the question ‘why is live music important?’ and Scottish Ensemble are inviting audiences from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness to come along, take part and share thoughts, insights and inspiration.

At a time when many, if not most, performances – from music through to dance and theatre – are available to watch online, Nemone and Scottish Ensemble performers will discuss what it is about being in the same room as other people who are all seeing and hearing the same thing, that elevates the quality and impact of a performance.

Blending live musical performance with provocations, conversation and debate, ‘Common Sound’ will see Nemone and Scottish Ensemble musicians sharing their perspectives on what music does to us and why. Carefully devised sets of music, including tracks by Jonny Greenwood, Caroline Shaw and Steve Reich, will create an absorbing listening experience for mind and body, and a specially developed atmospheric lighting design will bring the music to life on stage.

After 18 months of primarily online performance, SE can’t wait to get back in front of audiences from across the country at this exciting set of events which have been tailored to accommodate those with concerns around safety, as we emerge from the pandemic. In a nod to those who are still adjusting to the ‘new normal’ and seek the reassurance of social distancing, SE will host both socially and non-socially distanced events at all locations, apart from in Dundee Where the single performance will be socially distanced

‘Common Sound’ will take place at Cottiers in Glasgow on Wednesday 21 October, at Eden Court in Inverness on Friday 22 October, at Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh on Saturday 23 October and finally at Marryat Hall in Dundee on Sunday 24 October 2021. The performance in Edinburgh on the Saturday 23 October, will be live streamed (audio only) via Mixcloud (full programme below).

William Norris, Interim Chief Executive at Scottish Ensemble, said: “It’s hard to put your finger on what it is exactly, but there’s something very special about sharing a performance with a room full of expectant audience members. We hope that ‘Common Sound’ will go some way to exploring what that intangible something is, and it’s particularly apt as this will be the first time we’ve gathered indoors for live music with audiences across Scotland for almost two years.

Developing these concerts with Nemone has been a privilege and joy, there have been so many creative ideas being exchanged, and we’re going to have our work cut out to fit it all into a 60 minute show! We very excited to share this project with audiences, and as a thank you to them for sticking with us during the last 18 months we’re going to be offering all seats at just £10.”

Nemone Metaxas, 6 Music DJ and psychotherapist, said: “I’m really excited by my first collaboration with Scottish Ensemble. It’s been fantastic devising the ‘Common Sound’ project with their Artistic Director Jonathan Morton. I’m thrilled to be meeting audiences across Scotland, face to face, and exploring our relationship to live music in more depth.

“It feels like such an important conversation to have, particularly after the events, or rather the non-events of the past 18 months. It’s going to be so reaffirming to be back in front of live audiences for ‘Common Sound’ and listening to live music together once again.”

Ticket Details

Tickets are all £10 and can be booked online: Upcoming Events (

Tickets for Dundee, Edinburgh , Glasgow and Inverness on sale now.