ScottishPower has announced its COP26 Green Power List, which includes three green champions from Edinburgh.

The list honours inspiring green champions from across the UK who are working to combat climate change. 

The electricity company called on communities to share inspiring stories of people in their area to celebrate outstanding contributions being made to the climate action.

The Green Power List includes exceptional innovators and leaders in business pioneering positive change through green initiatives such as:

 Constanza Moreno-Sanchez, 34, based in Edinburgh, is one of the driving forces behind Ooni Pizza Oven’s Green Team, advocating for sustainability across the industry
 Elspeth Simpson, 24, based in Edinburgh, is another invaluable member of the Ooni Pizza Oven’s Green Team. Along with Constanza, Elspeth has helped the organisation minimise their environmental impact and has driven sustainability forward within the business
Emma Yule, 28, based in Edinburgh, is currently completing a PhD in environmental sciences and volunteers with the 2050 Climate Group, where she supports young people in taking climate action

Keith Anderson, CEO of ScottishPower, said: “Congratulations to all of the outstanding green champions being recognised in our COP26 Green Power List. They have made an outstanding effort fighting climate change, despite being faced with challenges over the past year as a result of the ongoing pandemic. They have continued to tackle the climate crisis and their selfless actions deserve to be celebrated.

“We are proud to honour them and provide them with a platform to continue their invaluable work. The COP26 Green Power list reflects those who are truly making a difference to the climate crisis and I hope their stories inspires others to take action as we all need to play our part in keeping the 1.5 threshold alive.”

ScottishPower is the UK’s only integrated energy company and generates 100% green electricity from offshore and onshore wind. It is developing an energy model that will play a significant role in reaching the UK’s world-leading climate change targets and is investing £10billion in the UK over five years – £6 million every working day – to double its renewable generation capacity and drive forward decarbonisation to support the move towards Net Zero emissions.