There is an enchanting retro-naiveté surrounding Mr Dilly’s dally down the enigmatic rabbit-hole. Hooka-fume incenses suggesting memories of faraway holidays in Teletubby-Land with a Blue Peter, Horrible Histories naughty wink to affectionate, more innocent times.

An energetic White Knight, sans visible mount, is all a Hubble-bubble kaleidoscope keen to narrate his six impossible things before The Mad Hatter’s breakfast.

A multi-platform media-fest of green-screen live character projections on to magical forests, wandering in and out of screen floating coloured versions of Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations subtly coax the tale along. This is a seriously cool exclusive for Mr Dilly and lends immense originality and captivating narrative energy. It is a forty minute silly-giddy guaranteed, very-merry-go-round, up, down, inside-out and back again, phantasmagorical fantasia feast for the senses. Adult viewing allowed strictly under children’s close supervision. So, suspend boring reality, suspend your dream-catchers on an evergreen tree in a happy memory-palace secret garden and be bewitched. Watch it or be ashamed of yourself! Any suggestion that Mr Dilly’s post-production ‘cutting-room’ was used for any other purposes under the same name are to be vigourously eschewed. 

‘Celebrating 150 years this year since Macmillan first published Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, this new 40 minute film premieres online at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021 as part of C Venues digital online programme, the home of international independent creative arts. 

Based on the original stories by Lewis Carroll, the film is written and produced by Mr Dilly, who also performs all of the on-screen characters. Mr Dilly’s Alice in Wonderland takes the viewer on a unique, first-person, joyous journey down the rabbit hole as if they are Alice, experiencing Wonderland for the first time. Meeting all the classic and unforgettable characters on the way, including the noble White Knight, who leads the narrative way; the grinning Cheshire Cat, the anxious White Rabbit and not forgetting the endless tea party with the Mad Hatter himself!’