A struggling movie actress and an aspiring horror writer are on the very brink of success – each just a compromise away.

Jessica can achieve her dream of taking the lead role in a big budget feature film if she’ll just “upgrade her sex appeal”. And a prestigious publisher just loves Olivia’s manuscript and will happily give her a contract, if she’ll simply adopt a male nom de plume. 

Inspired by reality, The Struggling Life of An Artist is a comedy (with the occasional song) about the insanity of male-dominated creative industries.

It has its world premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 and addresses the old conundrum faced by so many talented aspiring artists– abandon artistic integrity for the sake of success or stay true to their art and miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime?

Written by Xiomara Meyer (a real-life horror geek who also takes the part of Olivia) and directed by Tamalynne Grant (who plays Jessica) it’s a play that will ring true for every artist of any age, and all backgrounds.

Meyer says: “We all know that gender stereotypes are absurd – on film or in print. The Shiningwould be no less scary if it was by Stephanie rather than Stephen King. 

“But still they are all around us and sometimes we face the choice – be brave, challenge the system and sacrifice your dreams, or grab your chance because life’s too short. 

“Best selling author, Hollywood star, or carry on as a waitress in a café. What would you choose and what will Olivia and Jessica do?”

The Struggling Life of An Artist is a welcome return to the Fringe for Meyer, a Mexican born German actress and writer who was executive producer for the premiere of The Impi Theatre Company’s 2016 show The South Afreakins. Grant is an actress/director who was born, raised and is currently based in Vienna, Austria with Scottish/Uzbek roots.

Meyer and Grant are co-founders of the female-led Hitting Heads Productions, which is presenting The Struggling Life of An Artist at The Fringe.

See https://www.hittingheadsproductions.com

·       Venue: C Venues, C Aquila (Roman Eagle Lodge, Johnston Terrace, EH1 2PW) (Venue 21)

·       Times: 15:40

·       Dates: Aug 1-12, 14-19, 21-26

·       Duration: 60 mins

·       Ticket prices: £4.50 to £10.50

·       Box office: 0131 581 5555 or boxoffice@cvenues.com

·       Advisory: Ages 14+ (strong language, sexual references). Strobe lights used during the performance.

·       For further information see: https://www.hittingheadsproductions.com