Lothians-based ice hockey fans should be aware that Glasgow Clan, sponsored by Aspray Glasgow West, have signed a new netminder.

He’s Shane Starrett (pictured), a six-foot-five Canadian who is the first signing oy the ambitious club’s new coach, Malcolm Cameron who positioned the highly-rated netminder at the top of his wanted list.

Starrett is also the first confirmed name on the roster for the new 2021/22 season, which is scheduled to start ahead in November.

The player is teaming up again with his former coach and they worked together at ECHL (East Coast Hockey League) side Wichita Thunder.

Starrett said he had been looking at opportunities to play overseas so when coach Cameron called he was excited.

The hot-stop said: “The coach and I had a lot of success in Wichita, reaching the play-offs and we had a good relationship there.

“He’s a great coach and doesn’t sugar coat things. He wants to best from the team and to make sure everything is done correctly.”

Starrett said: “I’m a tall goalie and my athleticism is one area I pride myself on. My ability to be able to move quickly, because of my size and reach across the net, is something that’s a big aspect of me.

Coach Cameron said: “Shane was right at the top and I was surprised he agreed to come over. Goalies tend to wait until they’re older before they make a move like that.

“Shane’s huge and because of his size, he fills the goal so there’s not a lot to shoot at when he’s there.

“For me, being able to sign someone I was comfortable with, someone I’ve had success with, made it easy for me.”

“He’s a smart guy, someone who likes new experiences plus we have a really good relationship and I definitely think it’s a good fit for us both.”