Vaccine drop-in centres for the over 40s are being set up launched across the NHS Lothian area.

Clinics will be rolled out at mass vaccination sites, from Wednesday 9 June 2021 for people aged 40 and over, who require either the first or second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Anyone over the age of 40, who have not yet had their first dose – for whatever reason – can attend the clinic without an appointment, while those who are waiting for their second dose can turn up as long as they received their first injection of the Astra Zenaca vaccine at least eight weeks before.

The clinics will run at Lowland Hall at the Royal Highland Showground and Pyramids Vaccination centres from Wednesday through to Sunday 13 June. Starting from 14 June 2021 they will run at every centre except Lowland Hall.

People will be seen on a first come first served basis, and the centres will run for 10 hours every day.

NHS Lothian has joined up with the British Armed Forces as part of this key stage to accelerate the programme and provide increased protection for more people as quickly as possible.

A total of 36 Army personnel have been deployed into Lothian to help deliver vaccines across all of the centres.

That extra capacity – which equates to more than 3,500, appointments each day – will allow the vaccination team to target people who have not yet had the vaccine and may also speed up the process for those waiting for a second injection.

Pat Wynne, Nurse Director of Primary and Community Care, NHS Lothian, said the clinics, which will run for two weeks, were an important step.

He added: “This is a really exciting step for us because it means we can reach a lot of people really quickly to help give them some protection, which is obviously vital to help beat new variants and keep people well.

“We are delighted to team up with the British Armed Forces again. Our teams have previously worked with them in two of our vaccination centres and we invited them to return to provide extra capacity across our centres as part of this race. They will join our teams at the routine appointment clinics and in the drop-in clinics.”

Lothian MSP, Miles Briggs, said: “This is an excellent idea and people in Edinburgh and the Lothian’s, who are aged 40 and over waiting on their first or second dose, will welcome this move.

“NHS Lothian have used their initiative to launch vaccine drop in centres and they will be an important part of the strategy to speed up the vaccination process.”