A brand new website from Live Music Now Scotland (LMNS) is putting musicians centre stage with the aim of bringing live music back to venues across Scotland as we come out of lockdown.

Key to the redesign is a new and improved roster of the many and varied musicians that LMNS represents. Whether you’re looking for a jubilant jazz quintet, or a scintillating string ensemble, this comprehensive catalogue of artists includes the very best musical talent the country has to offer, and it is the only place to start your search.

Pavel Kolesnikov and Samson Tsoy ©Eva Vermandel Twogether

Live Music Now Scotland is committed to giving access to music for all, including older people and vulnerable audiences, as well as children with additional support needs. The musicians now listed on the LMNS website are specially trained and experienced in playing for these audiences and the LMNS team can support in planning such events, including in settings such as care homes and special schools.

The new website will also feature a performance page listing live and online events, including live public performances, that are beginning to take place across the country as things start to open up. Updated as and when new events are booked you can check upcoming performances and events here.

Instrumental in turning the ambition for the new LMNS website into a digital reality were the Scottish Tech Army and Mull based creative studio think.in.form. Set up in early 2020 to help bring creative, digital solutions to businesses and individuals across Scotland in the wake of the pandemic, the Scottish Tech Army supported LMNS in putting a website brief and tender together, which is when creative studio and consultancy think.in.form came on board.

Image: Maxwell Lightbody Smith

Carol Main MBE, Director at Live Music Now Scotland, said: “We are delighted to be in a position to share our new website with everyone from audiences through to musicians, and we hope it enables everyone to get back to enjoying live music again, as soon as possible.

“We wanted our website to facilitate this return to live performance and music, which is why we have included have both an updated roster of the musicians we work with and a programme of upcoming performances.

“Whether you are looking to host a summer garden party for friends and family, or an event for care home residents in their own home, we encourage you to check it out and get in touch.”

LMNS Website: https://livemusicnow.scot/
LMNS Twitter: @LiveMusicNowSCO
LMNS Instagram: @LiveMusicNowScotland
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