The number of cases of Covid-19 in Scotland were announced by Public Health Scotland today and are reported below.

Public Health Scotland say that today’s national figure is affected by slower processing at the Glasgow Lighthouse Lab. Yesterday’s figure is estimated to be about 150 to 200 cases lower than it really was – so today’s figure is by consequence inflated.

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, explained in an address to parliament on Tuesday afternoon that there will be no immediate changes to the Covid levels of protection which currently apply to different parts of Scotland. Ms Sturgeon said: “It is exactly six months since the first Covid vaccine was administered in Scotland and progress since then has been remarkable.

“As of 7.30 this morning, 3,403,866 people in Scotland have received their first dose of the vaccine.

“That is an increase of 17,545 since yesterday, and means that almost exactly three quarters of the adult population in Scotland has now received a first dose of vaccine.

“In addition, 30,944 people received their second dose yesterday, which brings the total number of second doses to 2,282,203 – that means more than half of the adult population is now fully vaccinated with two doses.

“These are significant and really heartening milestones, and as ever, I want to thank everyone involved in delivering the programme.

Tuesday’s announcement means that Edinburgh remains in Level 2 for now in view of rising case numbers over recent weeks.

As at 6 June, 10,130 deaths have been registered in Scotland where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, according to statistics published by National Records of Scotland (NRS) on Wednesday.

In the week 31 May – 6 June, eight deaths were registered that mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate, the same number of deaths as the previous week. 

There were three deaths in South Ayrshire and two in both Glasgow City and North Lanarkshire. The Scottish Borders recorded one death.

The number of deaths from all causes registered in Scotland in this week was 1,051, 3% more than the five year average. 

Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services, said:“The latest figures show that last week there were eight deaths where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.

“One death was aged under 65, two were aged 65-74, and five were over 75.

“Seven deaths occurred in hospitals, and one occurred in a care home.”

DateNewly reported cases of Covid-19Cases in LothianNew testsTest positivity rate (bold denotes days under 3.0% and the highest in recent weeks)Newly reported deathsNumber of deaths according to daily measurementPatients in ICU with confirmed Covid-19Patients in hospital with confirmed Covid-19 (under 500 is in bold)Total number of positive cases since beginning of pandemicNumber of first dose vaccinations administeredNumber of daily vaccinations recorded for previous day with highest daily figure in bold (includes 1st and 2nd doses) Above 30,000 in boldNumber of people who have received their second dose of vaccine
11 June 20211,104*24128,5634.1%07,67913132244,7143,459,06347,9112,375,246
10 June 202173521728,3792.8%17,67914124243,6103,441,21750,2722,345,181
9 June 20211,01124136,2273.0%17,67814121242,8753,422,43150,0572,313,695
8 June 202169515714,8735.0%07,67712121241,8643,403,86648,4892,282,203
7 June 202164116,1924.2%0121223,386,3212,251,259
6 June 202177521520,6754.0%07,677240,5283,365,77944,8832,227,493
5 June 202186020127,4363.4%17,677239,7533,345,84251,8142,202,547
4 June 2021 99221326,9623.9%27,6768116238,8933,326,00553,1452,170,570
3 June 202183522731,8412.8%47,6748110237,9013,305,81250,9922,137,618
2 June 202167716026,2582.8%17,67010114237,0663,286,26149,9172,106,177
1 June 2021 47810716,4893.1%07,66910106236,3893,267,29047,1302,075,231
28 May 2021 64113225,9392.6%27,668690234,3123,196,05149,9651,971,006
3 May 202113210,1951.5%02,824,9551,326,599
1 April 20214007325,9561.8%87,61021215218,4322,493,32742,984399,062
27 March 202156311925,5192.4%67,58426283216,7052,358,80750,875294,714
25 March 202170115731,9462.4%107,57232310215,5992,285,71150,083263,236
27 February 202152510619,6153.1%187,12974898201,5121,570,15327,22472,178
4 February 20211,14915927,6684.9%536,3221271,812183,418694,34745,0859,031
7 January 20212,64935711.3%781001,467143,715
31 December 20212,62228,29510.1%68701,174
16 December 2020689 5.9%38491,03118,644