From 10 May Foster Care Fortnight begins. This is a time when The City of Edinburgh Council team highlight that they need many more Foster Carers, and also that it can be a very rewarding role.

We spoke to Sharon Burn who is Recruitment Team Leader of Family Based Care with Edinburgh Council and she explains what fostering is all about and how to get involved.

Sharon writes: “I am a Team Leader with the City of Edinburgh Council, Family Based Care Team and have worked within the fostering field for nearly 10 years.   I currently have a lead role in the Recruitment of Foster Carers. In this role, I am often the first contact for prospective carers and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people from their first contact to the day the first child moves into their home.  

I am fortunate to witness daily how foster carers impact the lives of children and their families in a meaningful way.  One of the most common reasons people tell us they choose to apply to become foster carers is a desire to help children and young people and make a positive difference to their lives.  The majority of our carers will tell you fostering is challenging, it requires resilience, patience and understanding to support children and young people who have experienced loss and trauma, but ultimately it is one of the most motivating and rewarding things they have done.

Jo’s story, which is currently featured on our website, highlights the foster care role.  At its heart is the capacity to promote love, safety, stability, nurture and a positive sense of self-worth to children who need to be looked after away from their family home.   Fostering offers new challenges, personal development and the opportunity to be paid to work as part of a wider team in advocating for the rights of children.  Foster care relates to ensuring every child or young person has a home they deserve and one that will support them to grow up and meet their full potential.  Foster carers bring their own unique set of skills and experiences to this role, something that is highly valued by The City of Edinburgh Council.

I would urge anyone considering fostering to read the stories of our carers and young people on our website. These voices evidence the pivotal role our foster carers have in promoting children’s well-being and the sense of achievement gained from becoming part of a wider foster care community.  A copy of our information booklet can also be downloaded, which tells you more about the various care options that are tailored to fit in with the needs of children, their families and our foster carers.

If you are interested in learning more, we would be keen to hear from you. You can contact us via the website or leave a message on our dedicated Fosterline message service 0800 174 833 and arrangements will be made for a social worker within the team to call you back.”