The past year has brought about significant changes to the gambling world as we knew it. Various restrictions have driven this business from brick and mortar casinos more towards online-based to perhaps compliment a trend that was already developing over the past few years. One interesting feature of online gambling is that of live dealer casinos that allow users to experience as much fun as possible that is virtually closest to the brick and mortar casino. It is expected that there will be more changes in 2021. This article takes a look at live dealer casinos, their current status, and their projected trends in the year 2021.

What is Live Casino Gaming?

Online casino gambling allows you to access online casino games from any location, at any time using your preferred mobile devices, tablet, or PC. Online casinos also offer live dealer casino games that are based on the real-time activity of dealers at a certain location and are streamed directly to the punters. To increase interaction, the casinos also allow for communication between the players and the dealer using the chat function. This allows users to experience typical action that would normally only be experienced when you visit the casino. The basic setup involves a live dealer whose action is beamed by a camera and gameplay software that offers an interface for placing bets and displaying results and winnings.

Live dealer casino games are available on several popular games such as Monopoly, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. 

Why Should one Consider Live Gambling?

Looking at it, live casino gaming offers many advantages that may make it worthwhile to invest in for many punters out there. These include:

  • Safe and secure – We are in a pandemic, and nothing beats being in the safety and comfort of your home. Online live casino gambling allows you to enjoy those games that would be enjoyed when you visit a brick and mortar casino, without having to move an inch from your home. This is one of the major selling points.
  • Bonuses – Another plus for using online casinos for live dealer games is that you are awarded bonuses. These bonuses may vary from welcome bonuses, free cash or spins, or deposit bonuses that may allow you to make profits for no risk at all. Take note that these bonuses may not work on the live dealer casinos, so you would need to check the terms and conditions beforehand.
  • Provides a real casino experience – we know for some punters, nothing would beat having to experience the feel of a brick and mortar casino, seeing the dealer, and interacting with other players. Some players also prefer this as they have trust issues with software-based games provided by some casinos. Of course, their fears can be more controlled if they select safe and secure casinos.

What are the Trends of Live Gambling in 2021?

As mentioned earlier, the current environment has set a platform for the further progression of the whole live online gambling experience. In 2021, we expect to see the following happening to aid/compliment the trend:

  • Live online dealer gambling will continue to increase – as the effects of the pandemic continue to be in force, we will see the increase in mobile gambling and live online dealer usage as users continue to gravitate towards the latter considering its advantages. An increase in live dealer gambling will also be aided by the factors below.
  • Virtual reality(V.R)/Augmented reality (A.R) – Imagine being able to turn your head and see around a casino table or other elements of the dealer’s room as if you were there in real life. Well, it is increasingly becoming possible to experience this in real life by using VR and AR technology. We expect to see more of this technology in many live dealer games to enhance the whole experience and feel of live dealer games. This technology will likely be more embraced as the end-user hardware is becoming more reasonably priced.
  • Faster access to casino games due to 5G technology – Take it this way, the evolution of 5G will bring incredibly faster internet speeds to the market, and will allow users to access their desired games in no space of time. This will also allow casino game providers to used even more enhanced images and graphics to provide an even better experience to punters.
  • Cryptocurrency live dealing casino games – We are also likely to see the growth and adaption of cryptocurrency live games that require users to deposit and use cryptocurrency to place their bets. With the increase in the use and popularity of cryptocurrency, we will no doubt see an evolution of this trend.


2021 is set for a further increase in the availability and usage of live dealer casino games across the world in general and Ireland in particular. The increased usage of mobile gaming, the desire to have a feel of the brick and mortar experience, improving technology amongst others will drive this increase.