The 2021 Election Count took place at Ingliston over two days, Friday and Saturday.

Rather than cramming all the counting into one overnight session, Covid restrictions meant that it was better to spread the sessions out over two days. These were two long days, but the reduced numbers meant that we had more opportunity to take photos and film videos.

There were fewer people in the Highland Hall than at previous counts. Only candidates and a few party activists including the election agents were permitted entry, meaning that there was less of a buzz and a feeling that somehow some things were happening elsewhere. There was a media village at Holyrood where the BBC and Sky broadcast live. There was a speech from the First Minister on Saturday in Glasgow, and of course not all political activists could get along to the count. But there was a good-natured friendly atmosphere among the broadcasters behind us and the candidates.

The number of journalists and photographers was kept to a minimum with all broadcast footage pooled, so that only one camera from STV was needed for the footage of acceptance speeches.

We took photos of as many of the candidates as we could find and you can see them here.

We also shot our own video coverage which you can watch on YouTube.