What The Fork Monarchs have announced a speedway academy to offer a pathway to becoming a professional speedway rider.

Monarchs Speedway Academy will provide aspiring young riders with two youth tracks to stimulate their development.

John Campbell, Monarchs’ co-promoter, said: “By establishing two reduced-size tracks we will begin to establish a progression pathway for aspiring young riders.”

The first step will be a small inflatable speedway track designed to capture the imagination of the youngest of children on small balance bikes.

The second will see kids step up onto 50cc or similar bikes to start to get a feel for riding a motorcycle and the track will be installed on the centre green at Monarchs’ home in Armadale Stadium.

Cash has come from auctions held on behalf of the club and Campbell said: “The ultimate aim is to have a rider progress from the entry level inflatable track to the Monarchs team.

“New riders can get involved at the level most appropriate to them and progress from there. The beauty of the system is that there will always be a next step for riders to develop. Previously we had no platform to enter the sport at youth level.”

Monarchs 100 group will stage a second fundraising auction in mid-April to support the initiative and details will be announced soon.