Gypsy Pistoleros – Lost In A Town Called Nowhere

You may remember Lee Jones in A Rock N’ Roll Suicide, a stunning one-man five-star show at the 2019 Fringe.

The show helped put Lee back on the map after some time away from the industry winning over critics and bringing new fans on board during the memorable run. His current single with Gypsy Pistoleros is a thing of beauty, the 7 inch red and yellow spatter features Lost In A Town Called Nowhere, a Mexican torch song about getting out of the confines of a small space.

This is something nearly every human being on the planet will relate to at the moment.

The melancholic b-side Just Another Friday Night delivers a killer sing-along punk chorus with a raging Johnny Thunders jamming with Suede era Bernard Butler guitar solo. With Mark Westwood on guitars, the pair make a stunning double act having penned both tracks. The Pistoleros summon the best of Hanoi Rocks and pre-Appetite for Destruction Guns N’ Roses.

Much like his show A Rock N’ Roll Suicide Lee wears his heart on his sleeve in these songs and there’s not a lot of that about these days. At the same time, it’s clear that whatever the Gypsy Pistolero turns his hand to bursts with a primal, rock n’ roll energy made for the stage.

The great Liverpool Football Club manager, Bill Shankly, said the greatest thing in the world was “natural enthusiasm”, Lee Jones has that in spades.