The Scottish Conservatives aim to build 60,000 affordable homes including 40,000 homes for social rent in the next five years.

The party also wants to restore business to the housebuilding industry and say the proposals would create tens of thousands of jobs and drive economic growth, helping to rebuild Scotland from the pandemic.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “The health crisis may soon be over but the economic crisis is looming. We have to break ground quickly and start rebuilding Scotland right away to avoid a jobs catastrophe.

“We are setting bold targets for the next Scottish Parliament to launch the biggest social housing drive since devolution began and to restore the construction sector to the housebuilding levels we saw pre-SNP and pre-financial crash. 

“It won’t be easy but we need plans to rebuild Scotland that meet the scale of the economic challenge facing us.

“Our proposals would forge a thriving construction sector, create tens of thousands of jobs and drive economic growth, so we can better support public services in the future.

“We have set more ambitious goals than the SNP but if we have a Scottish Parliament 100% focussed on rebuilding Scotland, instead of one hell-bent on pursuing independence, our targets can be met. We only have to elect enough MSPs who are fixated on building up, not breaking up Scotland.”