Following our article on Friday about those in the 60-64 year old category who were having difficulties around vaccination appointments, NHS Lothian released an update last night.

NHS Lothian has set up a local helpline. Their telephone number is 0300 790 6296 and this number is available between 9am and 7pm. You may be charged for this call. 

For more information about vaccination appointments and what to do if you do need to change it, see here. There is also information here about the vaccine programme.

When asked for a comment earlier on Friday the health board referred any enquiry to The Scottish Government. Health Secretary Jeane Freeman at the media briefing on Friday asked people to be patient and not to phone the helpline. Several people on social media said they had not received their letter but when they phoned the national helpline they discovered that a time had been allocated to them.

The health board said they are working hard to make sure those at greatest risk are offered the vaccine first and asked people to wait until contacted about appointments.

They also ask that people accept the first appointment if possible and do everything they can to keep it. There is an online form to complete if you think you have missed your appointment. The form is HERE.