If you are out and about in Fountainbridge or Meadowbank then keep an eye out for lockdown photography from Lottie Nadeau who recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art.

The photographs are part of an arts initiative called Your Space or Mine which offers a platform for artists on the street.

This is a series of 12 photos which viewers may either like or dislike, but which all represent the unwelcome lockdown over the last year.

Nadeau said: “They’re all images made whenever I’ve had spontaneous bursts of energy or inspiration throughout lockdown. It started out working with light and shadows, exploring the real interacting with images of shadows. But as there’s been limited daylight and warmth going in to winter months I’ve found myself creating a response to the things that I’m longing for or missing through the view of windows- this is especially relevant to ‘Dreaming of Golden hour’.

“I think that the repetition of hands and the multiplication of them throughout the images mirrors my overwhelming feelings of stress and the desire to be productive. I wanted to change the spaces I’ve been occupying, so creating these digital manipulations has felt like an expanded space to be in.”

You can see the outdoor exhibitions at Fountainbridge and Meadowbank, and at Clerk Street, Kin’s Stables Road and Murrayfield. Photos here by Josephine Bery.