Antiques Roadshow would like you to share your stories with them as they announce that the Botanics is one of their show locations this year.

Could you have an undiscovered treasure at home?

The Antiques Roadshow team are preparing for the 44th series of the programme. Fiona Bruce and the Roadshow team will be appraising everything from car boot bargains to treasured family possessions across all four corners of the UK including Edinburgh. 

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the team are once again asking members of the public who would like to participate to share their stories online at

The series will be filmed on a closed set with an invited audience only to ensure the safety of guests, production and the wider public. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a recording session where they will share their items with a Roadshow expert who will be able to reveal more about the craftsmanship, history and provenance of each piece – as well as the all-important value.

Returning for her 14th year at the helm, Fiona Bruce acknowledges the team’s success at recording the show under challenging circumstances in 2020 and goes on to encourage people to apply to be a part of the programme in 2021.

She said: “We were thrilled that we managed to make a series of the Antiques Roadshow last summer despite all the difficulties of filming during the pandemic . Hopefully things will be easier this summer though life may not yet be back to normal by the time we start filming . So if you have an item that you’d like to bring along to the Roadshow, do please get in touch with us beforehand at Here’s hoping for a summer of great finds!”

Series Editor Robert Murphy said: “We can’t wait to see what long lost treasures and family heirlooms might be lurking in the attic or gathering dust on a shelf. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected items that catch our interest – a silk escape map that belonged to a Caribbean airman in the Second World War, a 19th century guitar, a vintage movie poster, even old Star Wars toys! What mystery objects have you found during that lockdown clear-out? Get in touch and you’ll have a chance of being invited to the Roadshow this summer to find out more without even having to queue! We look forward to hearing from you.” 

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Photo: Martin P. McAdam