We continue to publish our monthly newspaper, and for the moment we produce the minimum print run that we can – 3,000 copies.

Many of these are distributed around the city at both Leith and Stockbridge markets, there are some door to door deliveries by our fabulous volunteers, you can pick up a copy at any branch of Farmer Autocare, copies are distributed all over the city with the day pack deliveries by Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts and other charitable bodies who are all delivering food to those in need. If you can help by distributing some papers – even to your own stair or some of your neighbours then please get in touch.

You may also arrange to have your own copy delivered by mail. It helps us enormously that so many people have paid to subscribe to our newspaper delivery service, and we are really grateful to our subscribers. You can pay monthly or annually and the details are here.

As well as that we produce a digital version of the paper. And now you can read it here.

Do send us any tips for stories to editor@theedinburghreporter.co.uk