The Health & Education team Farming Foodsteps at Quality Meat Scotland has devised some help for home learners.

This free resource will engage secondary school pupils in science, home economics, maths and geography. It will tell the story of red meat production from field to plate with important messages around sustainability, the environment, food safety and careers, and there is also a bit of cooking involved.

The digital learning tool devised by working parents uses colourful presentations and interactive games and tools. Pupils should be able to work through it all from home as long as they have access to a laptop, tablet or phone, all without support from an adult.

Jennifer Robertson, Health & Education Manager at Quality Meat Scotland, who has school-age children herself, said: “Educators as well as the agricultural industry are keen to ensure that food and farming retains a significant place in the curriculum. Not only is it a key player in Scotland’s culture, but it can be easily integrated into subjects across the curriculum from literacy and geography to science, cooking and maths. It is also demonstrating to young people the many skills needed in modern agriculture, including technology, statistical analysis and environmental management in addition to the more traditional practices young people often associate with farming.

“Learning has definitely changed over the last few months, and we would love to see Farming Foodsteps bolster home learning for families across Scotland. We are asking families to share their experiences on our social pages, and we are here to support anyone who needs help getting to grips with it.

“Farming Foodsteps is all about interactive fun while delivering some important messages, and it is another step towards equipping a new generation with the STEM skills, knowledge and capability needed to thrive in the changing world around us.”

You can find Farming Foodsteps at: