Two new exhibitions will be running concurrently at The Scottish Gallery in Dundas Street from this weekend (28th Nov), Frances Macdonald and Ross Ryan’s ‘A Family Affair’ and Mark Hearld’s ‘Menagerie’

The exhibition by Mark Hearld is of new works taking inspiration from the natural world, particularly the British flora and fauna, the fox and chicken, hedgerow, and songbird.

His prints, woodcut and linocuts, patterns and motifs are drawn from a lifetime of looking at pattern books, samplers, primitive art, and the poetry of Blake. His works transport us to an animal-filled world.

For Hearld’s ‘Menagerie’, the animal kingdom parades across his artworks; the sly fox, strutting cockerel, the blackbird singing his heart out, the geese on the green at Carnyorth, and fields of Jersey cows in rich pastures.

His whippet, Blue, whom he shares with his parents, has shared lockdown, the artist walking “by myself, but not alone,” sharing the joy of the dog’s live world and elegant shapes.

Travelling to Cornwall provided much new material for the show, living in the county which nurtured and shaped some many of the most original of British painters: Wallis, Heron, Nicholson and Christopher Wood give Hearld the energy to create.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a publication which contains a special menagerie treasure hunt. There is an original Mark Hearld work of to be won, with several runner up prizes for those who work out the letter puzzle.

Exhibition dates and times

Saturday 28th November – Wednesday 23rd December 2020
Monday – closed
Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 6pm
Saturday, 11am – 1pm