It can be hard for any new parent to stay fit and active, especially when struggling with interrupted sleep and the pressures of parenthood. 

Regular exercise is very important for personal health, gaining more energy, mental health and aiding recovery from childbirth. Many parents cannot find the time to exercise or find or afford childcare to do so. That’s why Project 42 have started the Buggy Club. 

The new free buggy club for parents in the Leith area runs on Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 to ensure that new parents have a place to meet and take care of their physical and mental health. 

This bootcamp is open to all and is bookable via Projekt 42’s membership app (Glofox) details of which can be found on their website

Participation is and will always be free to those who book. 

The class will be coached by their fitness manager, Ian Blake, a strength and conditioning coach who understands how to support parents to get fit. 
Ian said:”Having kids isn’t easy and looking after yourself during these times is just as difficult. No motivation, no time, expenses are just a few barriers to name. This is why at Projekt 42 we have launched our own ‘Free Buggy Club’. 
“Exercising releases ‘feel-good’ hormones and increases body temperature, which can help calm us. Staying physically active can also help us maintain enough energy to keep up with our kids (especially those little ones!) and live long lives so that we are there for our children as they grow up.”