Police Scotland have issued advice to bike owners following regular thefts throughout the city.

There are bike thieves about. Make sure you always secure your pedal cycle:

Register your bicycle securely online at www.bikeregister.com which may help to recover your bike if it goes missing.

Consider the use of a bike tracker, to track your bike using GPS.

Photograph and record all of your bike’s details and distinguishing features and keep in a safe place. The serial number is generally located on the bottom bracket.

If using social media, make your profile private.

Don’t disclose your home address or list your bikes make and model on social media or GPS apps.

Never leave your bike unattended at popular riding destinations.

Do not leave bikes unattended on vehicle bike racks, especially overnight.

You might also wish to consider not routinely leaving bicycle carriers / racks on your vehicle when not in use, as doing so may indicate the presence of bikes at your home


Check our website for security advice – http://ow.ly/typr50BSsoq