Act fast and book a test if you have symptoms.

National Clinical Director, Professor Jason Leitch, talked at today’s media briefing about the urgency with which we should all act if we have symptoms of coronavirus.

He urges anyone with Covid-19 symptoms to book a test immediately and self-isolate in order to protect themselves and others.

Professor Leitch explained that YouGov polling suggests the vast majority of people would book a test and self-isolate right away if they have symptoms of Covid-19.

But nearly one in five (18%) people say they would wait a day or two to see whether they get better or develop further symptoms before booking a test.

Professor Leitch said: “We know that most people say they would follow the guidance to protect themselves and others by booking a test and self-isolating as soon as they develop any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

“However 18% of people asked said they would wait to see whether they got better or developed more symptoms.

“It is crucial that people who think they may have the virus do not delay in booking a test, and self-isolate right away. We have an enhanced Test and Protect system in place, but the longer people who may have symptoms delay in taking these two vital actions, the less effective it can be.

 “It is important that all of us are vigilant for the symptoms of COVID-19 and understand what actions we should take if someone develops them.”