There are reports reaching us this morning about long queues, particularly at the centre at Edinburgh Napier Sighthill campus.

Queues from the centre are stretching out to the surrounding main roads.

Problems arose from the start this morning when the centre opened around 40 minutes late according to one of our readers. Another said : “It looks like too few resources are being deployed. They can’t get enough cars through the system. There are only three giving injections and it took me 90 minutes. They were queued out onto the dual carriageway. Whoever manages this should be hung out to dry.”

Bruce Findlay who queued there this morning sent us a couple of photos saying he felt sorry for the staff who have to deal with the people queuing there.

We explained earlier in the week that NHS Lothian has set up weekend drive through clinics from this weekend.

NHS Lothian explained that the clinics will continue to operate on weekends in September, October and November and promised that each site can vaccinate up to 500 people a day.

A spokesperson said: “By developing flu drive throughs, everyone entitled to a free flu vaccine from a household can attend at the same time. For those who don’t have access to a car, a series of walk through clinics are being arranged and Edinburgh locations will be available on the NHS Inform website once confirmed. 

“Keeping the people of Edinburgh safe and healthy is a priority, so before the jab is administered, a nurse will ask some questions to make sure it is safe to administer the vaccine. The person receiving the jab doesn’t need to leave their car and will also be asked to wait 15 minutes before leaving the clinic to ensure there’s no reaction to the vaccine.”

If you are one of the 120,000 people in Edinburgh who is eligible for a free flu vaccine, or for more information, go to to find out where you can get your vaccination in Edinburgh.

Local photographer Alan Simpson has been out to Sighthill and snapped these photos: