Clubbiedean Trout Fishery (pictured) high up in The Pentland Hills above Colinton have confirmed that they will re-open after lock down on Monday, June 1.

Steve Johnston confirmed the move which adds to the facilities which have opened their doors to anglers anxious to have a cast aftert ten weeks of inactivity.

Full details of opening times are awaited but anglers travelling to Clubbiedean will have the benefit of a smooth road after extensive resurfacing which is also welcomed by cyclists who have been out in force in the hills.

Just along the Pentlands lies Harlaw Reservoir and Malleny Angling Ltd report healthy returns from the fishery which has enjoyed good business since it re-opened on Friday.

One of the club officials said the water had been well-stocked and anglers were recording bag limits with a variety of patterns.

Permits must be bought in advance to fish Harlaw and the car parks at Harlaw and Threipmuir are not due to re-open until June 1.

Meanwhile, Loganlea trout fishery (pictured) in the Pentland Hills above Flotterstone has now re-opened but angling is by booking only.

Owner Karen Jack asked anglers not to travel without a confirmed booking and she reminds customers to take care driving up the road to the fishery as there are deep potholes on the top section and there are lambs, walkers plus cyclists to beware of.

Glencorse owner Bill Taylor will not reopen until June 6 and reminds customers that the fishery does not accept walk-in anglers. You must book to fish on the 100-acre fishery rated one of the best in the area.

Bowden Springs near Linlithgow has re-opened and anglers are enjoying big bags with various patterns. There is also plenty of action in the bait pond with Powerbait doing the trick here.

Meanwhile, City of Edinburgh Council have new re-opened The Water of Leith Fishery subject to the following conditions:
 All anglers must obtain a permit prior to fishing: email for a list of permit outlets, check opening times
before travelling, alternatively send a stamped Addressed Envelope to the Water of Leith
Visitor Centre, 24 Lanark Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1TQ and once a week permits will be
posted out.
 The permit includes information on fishery rules and regulations, these must be adhered to
at all times. More information at:
 Angling to be undertaken on a solitary basis unless with members of your own household –
social distancing in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines must be maintained at
all times.
 Anglers should fish at a minimum distance of 15 metres away for each other and other
members of the public.
 Local fishing only – to help reduce the spread and risk of transmission to other areas of
Scotland, anglers should fish locally and follow all government guidance on travel. Ideally
fishing should only take place where anglers can travel without using a car or public
 Anglers should not share fishing tackle or any other item except between individuals within
the same household.
 Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or shares a household with any individual
displaying symptoms, should not go fishing and continue to follow government guidance on
Anglers should also be aware of Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum), an invasive non-native plant which is toxic and whose sap can cause severe skin burns. For this reason, the plant is normally treated to prevent growth and seed. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, there has been a delay in this treatment.

Derek Anderson of Aquamarine Charters of Eyemouth confirmed he is back at sea with two boats setting sail with a maximum of eight anglers on board to satisfy social distancing rules

Fishermen must wear masks from their car to the boat and then till the vessel goes to sea and after that it is the choice of the angler.