Speedway is unlikely to resume behind closed doors according to Rob Godfrey, chairman of the British Speedway Promoters Ltd.

He claims the financial impact of no fans makes meetings unviable but Poland’s top league look set to start their season on June 12 with no spectators.

However, they have record levels of revenue from TV and sponsorship deals.

Godfrey said: “As a sport in the UK under the current financial structure it’s not possible for us to run behind closed doors.

“The only way it could happen is if revenue came in to underpin it, but right now we cannot see it happening so all talk of this is irrelevant.”

Meanwhile, the chairman has revealed how extensive work has taken place on a new league sponsorship deal.

Godfrey remains hopeful more progress can be made once the coronavirus issue eases and that the British Speedway Promoters Ltd have engaged the services of Hatfits, specialists in partnership negotiation.

Hatfits are led by Sadie Wrigglesworth, the former head of commercial for the Sahara Force India F1 team.

“Sadie was also instrumental in landing the new five-year TV deal with Eurosport,” said Godfrey.

“We were so close to a sponsor before the season was halted, so close. I’d like to think we can pick that up again.

“We are also planning to include a streaming service going forward and a new-look website to include this to enhance our digital output. We are on with this.

“We’ve already made great strides in the social media department, particularly during this shutdown when we’ve been particularly active. More and more followers are joining us.

“We need to be more open about the work we are doing because our critics seem to think we sit on our backsides and do nothing.”