GTS Solutions is pleased to have appointed Stuart Nicoll as its new training and compliance manager.

Part of Stuart’s remit sees him head up the GTSkills department with its suite of online courses.

A key focus is driving the delivery of the company’s cyber security training courses which cover a range of topics including computer architecture and ethical hacking. Offered in conjunction with Skills Development Scotland, with funding available for people who meet certain criteria, it is the first such course to be delivered in Scotland.

“These are unprecedented times and it’s fair to say I have barely had time to catch my breath since taking on the role,” said Stuart, who arrives at GTS Solutions having been a personal safety and training professional within the security industry for the past six years.

“The cyber security programmes have only recently launched but are already proving very popular, which probably reflects the changes in circumstances which a lot of people have experienced in the last few weeks.”

Stuart added: “Another part of the role which is exciting me is the internal compliance aspect of the company. My job is to work closely with the Operations Director Tracey Smith to make sure the company’s front line
staff are performing to the best of their ability and that the company is
hitting all the right standards with regards to our dedication to excellent
service delivery.

“This is a great opportunity for me. GTS Solutions is a progressive social enterprise which focuses on people. And being someone who is always
striving to make people the best they can be, it seemed a great fit.

“I like the fact they are investing in people and are not all about making as much money as they can.”

GTS has also launched a short course on infection prevention and control, with a Covid-19 specific module. This is designed to ensure individuals and businesses understand how to prevent and control infection and comply with the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance and legal requirements. It also includes an outcome on social distancing which is obviously very important in these changing times.

GTS Solutions is also offering an online training platform for both corporate and individuals which will help broaden knowledge during this uncertain time.

These short online courses are designed for quick access and completion, with some of them taking just 30 minutes to complete. The courses
range from Equality and Diversity Training, to Data Protection, Health and
Safety and Communication. All courses come with a digital certificate of competency on successful completion.

To register for any of the courses mentioned, or to discuss corporate availability, please email