The Edinburgh Science Festival cannot take place this year in its normal way, but that is not stopping the innovative team behind it.

They have set up a whole programme online to entertain and inform everyone from children to adults who have an interest in the world we live in.

The larger programme was to be called Elementary, so the slightly smaller online offering is called Elements of #EdSciFest, and there are some real jewels in there to find. (Some of it may be of particular interest to those parents among you who are wearying a little of home schooling.)

We spoke to Amanda Tyndall the Creative Director about the new digital programme, and we are inviting her back later in the week to talk about the Live programming which will take place eon 10 and 11 April when Edinburgh Science Festival take over the Earth Live Lessons YouTube channel. (Somebody is getting into a bath to present from there….. we hope to tell you more later in the week!)

Elements of #EdSciFest is live on now with further events and assets to be added by 11 April. Elements of #EdSciFest is an ambitious free online programme of science videos, Facebook Lives, blogs, downloadable activities, Q&As, online challenges and more to keep sci-curious minds busy at home.