Ballots are due to start arriving today with members who have a vote in the Labour Party leadership elections.

Ian Murray MP for Edinburgh South is a candidate for Labour deputy leader. He said : “Thank you to the grassroots members across the UK who have put change on the ballot paper.

“Travelling the length and breadth of the country, I’m the only candidate who has made the argument that Labour must change to win again. I know how to beat the odds.

“A Labour government will always run through Scotland, and having a Scot at the top of the party will send a strong signal that every region and nation of the UK matters.

“I look forward to engaging with more members and supporters over the next six weeks of the contest, and listening to voters in every corner of the country so that we can regain their trust and become a credible alternative government.”

21st November 2019 – Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, spoke at a Labour gathering at Morningside Parish Church, Edinburgh along with Ian Murray MP and Sir Keir Starmer. PHOTO ©2020 Thomas Brown