Two Edinburgh University players are among a group of six added to the Scotland women’s international squad after impressing in the last 12 months.

Ruth Blaikie and Ellie Wilson (both Dundee Wanderers), Catriona Booth (Western Wildcats), Georgia Jones and Eve Pearson (both Edinburgh University) and Bronwyn Shields (Clydesdale Western) after winning gold medals at the under-21 women’s EuroHockey Championship II in Alanya, Turkey.

Scotland’s women won EuroHockey Championship II in Glasgow and are building towards the EuroHockey Championships in 2021.

Jen Wilson, Scotland’s head coach, said: “It’s exciting to see that we have a very talented group of under-21 players coming through the system.

“These six players made significant contributions in their successful European under-21 tournament this year, as well as at national hub sessions or at Scotland Performance Team matches.”