The Edinburgh company which brought you the Morphsuit a decade ago is teaming up with Amazon in its expansion plans to target new international markets.

Founders Ali and Fraser Smeaton along with their former flatmate Gregor Lawson got the idea for their business after a stag do in Dublin when one of them wore a spandex costume.

Owen Milloy from MORPHSUITS with Alin Popa from Amazon. PHOTO © Andy Buchanan 2019

As the company grew over the years their original warehousing and shipping arrangements also had to increase their capacity. They now use the service called Fulfilment by Amazon which makes selling internationally a lot easier for smaller companies. A business sends their products to Amazon who store them and then give the products Amazon Prime listing status. Amazon deal with all the shipping arrangements.

Fraser Smeaton, chief executive at MorphCostumes, said: “The Amazon team at the fulfilment centre in Dunfermline has been a fantastic asset for our business and we’re grateful for all the support they offer us.

“Amazon handles everything for us, from storing and shipping the costumes to customer services, which means we can concentrate on developing our brand and our products without investing heavily in our own fulfilment and warehousing processes.

“Our immediate aim is to grow the business internationally and that’s why we’re increasing our work with Amazon. It offers us a truly global marketplace to sell our products and we’re excited for the next phase of growth in our business thanks to this worldwide customer base.”

Owen Milloy from MORPHSUITS with Alin Popa from Amazon during a visit PHOTO © Andy Buchanan 2019

Staff from the company visited the Amazon distribution centre in Fife recently as it was gearing up for Prime Day on 15 and 16 July.

The team met some of the staff that have helped grow their business.

Amazon’s Dunfermline General Manager, Graham Allison, said:“Our team really enjoyed meeting with MorphCostumes. Their costumes are outstanding and it’s great showing them how we help their business grow. A huge part of what we do at Amazon is helping small businesses with exporting beyond the UK. I’m really proud of the team helping a business like MorphCostumes expand to international markets.”

Thousands of SMEs in the UK that will be taking part in this year’s sales event. On Prime Day in 2018, SMEs selling in Amazon’s stores surpassed $1.5 billion in sales globally.

Owen Milloy from Morphsuits visiting Amazon PHOTO © Andy Buchanan 2019