Lissa McIntyre launches her new business Joy Rides Edinburgh this month. It is all centred around an electric trishaw called Betsy which carries up to two passengers in front.

The aim of the business is similar to the charity Cycling Without Age – to take people who live in care homes or sheltered housing out for a cycle. Lissa is looking for anyone who is less independently mobile and who would just like to get out and about.

Lissa McIntyre owner of Joy Rides Edinburgh

She commented: “I’ve called my business Joy Rides Edinburgh because when I’m out and about on the trishaw, not only the passengers with me, and of course, myself, but everyone who observes the journey taking place shares in the joy that’s possible here.”

Lissa with Betsy

I met her early one morning to go for a wee hurl along Princes Street sitting up front on Betsy’s comfortable passenger seat, and it was just lovely. People waved and shouted hello from the pavements and vehicles going past.

Lissa explained that her favourite places to go are all the parks in Edinburgh She said : “I like going to The Meadows, Harrison Park or anywhere on the cycle paths so that the passengers can experience nature. Sometimes people who live in care homes are cocooned or trapped in one place so this will get them out in the same way as anyone who is able-bodied.”

You can book online here.

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A one hour Joy Ride for one person costs £30. 

A one hour Joy Ride for two people costs £40. 

Joy Rides Edinburgh will launch officially at The Meadows on 22 June 2019.

Lissa concluded : “It’s such a simple thing, that perhaps many of us take for granted in our everyday lives, but to get out and about, moving in the fresh air is something really special that some people are not able to do independently, and I’m excited to provide a service that enables them to do this. On top of that, the trishaw is such a conversation starter that it connects the passengers with the huge variety of people from all walks of life who cross its path. So joy’s actually spread to everyone!”