Funny, dark, and deeply poignant, The South Afreakins explores the highs and lows of one ordinary, yet extraordinary couple’s immigration story from desegregated South Africa to stress-free living in New Zealand. But what of home and those left behind?

The hit show which debuted in 2016 was inspired by Paterson’s own parents (Helene and Gordon) experience of emigrating from South Africa to New Zealand.   Helene and Gordon are stuck.  Stuck in their armchairs, stuck in the same house and stuck in their rut. 

As Gordon’s work-life comes to an end and the murder of their son four years previously still tainting their everyday lives, Helene is determined to leave everything behind and start again in the quiet sheep-filled hills of New Zealand.

Gordon’s dream is to stay right where he is – until Helene confirms that their extended holiday to New Zealand is in fact a permanent move to a new home.  Feeling culturally isolated, will the arrival of his best friend Clive make a difference? And does our home really lie in places, or within people?

Tickets here Venue 39 theSpace on the Mile 3.05pm selected dates between 2-23 August 2019.

Look out too for the follow up show The South Afreakins:The Afreakin Family playing at The Space on the Mile
alternate days (3,6,8,10,13,15,17,20,22,24) during August.