Kezia Dugdale MSP has won a legal action against a pro-independence blogger who accused her of defamation.

In a written judgment issued today, Sheriff Nigel Ross said Ms Dugdale’s article was protected under the principle of fair comment.

Commenting on the judgement following the court case, Kezia Dugdale MSP said:

“I am delighted to have won this case and hugely relieved after two long years of it hanging over me.

“I cannot thank the team at the Daily Record enough. They stood by me as I stood up to him and won. Their support has been fulsome and unwavering throughout such a difficult time.

“This is an important judgement for the right to free speech and a healthy press. This ruling clearly demonstrates that every citizen is entitled to make comments as long as they are fair and reflect honestly held views.”

Responding to Kezia Dugdale winning her case, Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said:

“This is an important win for Kezia and for free speech. She stood up to bullying and won.

“All those engaged in the exchange of political views should reflect on this, take stock and consider how we speak to and about others with whom we disagree.”


Kezia Dugdale MSP