Tannara will be appearing at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar on Wednesday 6th March. 2019 will be the biggest year yet for the band with the release of their second album STRANDS at the Celtic Connections Festival 2019.

The album represents a significant development for the band who have spent the past two years writing and recording this superb work.

Bold, creative, and original; Tannara (Owen Sinclair, Robbie Greig, Becca Skeoch and Joseph Peach) have established themselves as one of the UK’s most interesting and unique contemporary folk groups.

Formed in 2014, the band came about as a natural extension of the four members’ love of making music together. Fuelled by this, they’ve covered considerable musical ground over the past five years.

With a background in Scotland’s native traditions, their ceaseless musical development is a melting pot of ideas, genres and sounds: From indie rock to electronica, as well as Scotland’s vibrant and diverse folk scene.

Unafraid to experiment, their music is an electrifying meeting place for a world of sounds: Punchy and clean, riotous and gritty, tender and honest.

On fiddle, harp, guitar, accordion and vocals, Tannara make an intensely considered musical world which is uniquely theirs. www.tannaramusic.com

Tickets £10/£9/£7/£5 8pm