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There’s a new fashion business in town. Blues & Browns was established in Perthshire by Kairen Alexis Ruse and now they have an Edinburgh atelier on George Street.

Here you can meet to discuss your handmade business wear, a wedding outfit or weekend wardrobe. Their personal tailoring service will ensure that everything is made to a very high standard with the best of Scottish textiles.

Kairen Alexis Ruse founder of Blues & Browns
Kairen Alexis Ruse founder of Blues & Browns at the recent launch of the Edinburgh atelier at the New Club

Kairen Alexis Ruse is very keen to point out that her business is wholly Scottish. She set up her own business after a few years of working with Sir Jackie Stewart and  selling other people’s products. She explained : “Going to to trade shows there were loads of glamorous women with nails like talons dictating what the fashion was going to be.

“Coming from a theatrical background I didn’t really like it very much and didn’t think it was very fair on our manufacturing industries in this country that things were made offshore. I wanted our business to actually make the goods in Scotland. How many companies actually manufacture in Scotland?”

This has been the ethos of the company since it was established in 2002.

The recent launch of the Edinburgh atelier of Blues & Browns at The New Club

Ruse continued : “We are truly ‘Made in Scotland’ and we like to provide jobs for people. Over the years this has been a huge learning curve for me.  The little factories that I used to use in Glasgow  – the majority of them have now gone.

“Not only have the factories shut down but also the talent within the four walls – which was amazing.

“What they could do with a garment was incredible. They were really talented and they have all moved on to other trades. It is now my passion to do the right thing for our young people.

“Sadly when young people come to me for a job they have high flying degrees in fashion and design but they can’t sew on a button

“It worries me.  We are taking on an intern in January and I asked her about her love of sewing.  She explained to me that when they are being taught to sew they are shown a video. You can’t learn to sew from a video!

“I met Gordon from Gordon Nicholson Kilts one day in my atelier and now we collaborate on our Outlandish collection. He makes the gentleman’s outfits and we make the ladies.”

This is a good match. Gordon set up his business in 2001 and is known for his high quality tweed jackets as well as kilts made from some exclusive tartans. Some of Outlander was filmed in Perthshire using Tibbermore Church and Blues & Browns used a nearby house as the location for their photographs in the lookbook and on their website. Steeped in the folklore of the series, their Outlandish range is both dramatic and romantic.

Kairen has a small team – Susanne, Catriona who does all the social media, Charlotte the photographer  and Melinda who is the seamstress.

The word on the street is that there may well be a fashion show in the spring, but meantime you will have to be content with having a look at the designs online here or you can book a no obligation consultation either at 19-21 South Street Perth or at the new atelier at 101 George Street Edinburgh.

Gordon Nicholson had kindly sent beautiful flowers for Kairen to mark the occasion