When the flood works were being carried out in Roseburn, Friends of Roseburn Park (FoRP) wanted to secure some of the felled trees for recycling.

Sadly the tree that was removed from the park was stolen from a contractor’s yard, but it has been replaced by an ash log from Corstorphine Hill. The Friends commissioned Four Winds and the tree was carved into a bench by Andy McFetters.

The costs were paid by The Murrayfield Community Council and West Edinburgh Neighbourhood Partnership, and installation costs covered by the council’s parks department.

Pete Gregson, Chair of FoRP said : “We wanted to commemorate the loss of the park’s trees and have chosen a design that resembles a tree log that one can sit within, with levels and angles that provide play value as well as comfort.

“We believe our bench will appeal to young and old alike. We anticipate it will be well-used and will come to be seen as a place to rest, a place to play as well as being a marker by the path – which will add visual interest to those journeying through the park and for many, we hope, become another reason to visit the park.

“We’re very grateful to the funders and the Council for their support – they really have helped do something special here.”

Now the Lord Provost has declared the log bench open and presumably you can use it to sit on!