34 defibrillators are being installed in railway stations across the country. The first 19 have already been installed in distinctive yellow heated boxes.

Photocall at Bathgate Station to launch the roll out of defibrillators at Scotrail stations around the country. David Lister, ScotRail Alliance Sustainability & Safety Assurance Director; Karen Burns, Community First Responder; Sarah Smith, Cardiac Adviser, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland; Bryan Finlay, National Resilience Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service; Matthew Marshall, ScotRail Customer Service Assistant.

Scotrail Alliance confirmed that the measures will cost £54,000 and the devices will be available for any members of the public to use. They have been installed in specially chosen locations according to proximity to a hospital, footfall and accessibility. All devices will be available even when the station is closed.

A defibrillator gives an electric shock to a cardiac arrest patient requiring CPR. Often the use of a defibrillator saves their life.

The Scottish Ambulance Service has been provided with full details of the defibrillators so that anyone nearby can be directed to them in the event of an emergency.

David Lister, ScotRail Alliance Sustainability & Safety Assurance Director, said: “I am delighted that we are rolling out these 34 absolutely vital defibrillators to some of the busiest stations on our network, and that the local communities we serve will be able to benefit from them as well.

“In an emergency, a defibrillator can make the difference between life and death, which is why we’ve made sure that they will all be located where anyone can reach them at any time.”

Joe Fitzpatrick, Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing said: “This is a welcome investment in 34 life-saving defibrillators being installed at railway stations across Scotland and an excellent example of the way the Service Quality Incentive Regime (SQUIRE) Investment Fund can be used to benefit rail passengers and the wider community.

“This equipment will undoubtedly save lives and will tie in nicely with the recently announced initiative between the British Heart Foundation, NHS Scotland and NHS England to create a database of defibrillators across the United Kingdom”.