The North British Distillery, one of Scotland’s largest Scotch Grain Whisky producers, has announced a feed partnership with local Edinburgh charity, Gorgie City Farm.

The arrangement will mean that the farm (which is a charity) will receive weekly deliveries of dry pelleted grain to supplement specialist feed for their seventeen pigs and two cattle. The feed is a by-product of the Scotch Whisky distilling process.

Pictured are Alan Kilpatrick, North British Distillery and Helen Syme, Corporate Fundraising Officer from Gorgie city farm.

Jim Dendy, Farm and Estates Manager at Gorgie City Farm, said: “Being a charity, the feed partnership with The North British Distillery is invaluable to our operations, as anything that can help keep our costs down is to the benefit of the many volunteers and visitors who support the work at Gorgie City Farm.

“The feed from the distillery fits in perfectly to our circular economy – we in turn sell manure from the Farm to gardens and allotments around Edinburgh. Local engagement is extremely important to us, so it’s brilliant to have the support of a fellow Gorgie organisation.”

Alan Kilpatrick, Managing Director of The North British Distillery, said: “Gorgie City Farm is a much loved organisation that benefits the local area and beyond. The farm provides incredibly important green space to the community, in addition to the fantastic educational work and volunteering opportunities available.

“The solid residues from the distilling process make for a high-quality natural feed stuff for farm animals. Ensuring by-products from the distilling process are utilised and our environmental impact is reduced are crucial to our business and I am pleased we are able to support such a worthy cause with this feed partnership.”